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Ross Q. Smith
Jigsaw CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Squid

RQSAs chairman and CEO, Ross Smith brings 30 years of tech experience to Jigsaw that includes executive management, marketing, business development and innovation. With a solid history in founding and leading successful, high-tech startup companies and orchestrating business-unit turnarounds, Smith has demonstrated success in growing businesses from concept to market-leadership positions. Smith is a recognized expert in general management, team building, technical marketing and product development in the areas of: consumer electronics, fabless semiconductors, mission critical and realtime embedded and safety critical systems and software, Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) products, 2D/3D graphics, GPGPU, parallel and high performance computing, video game technology, renewable energy and precision metrology systems and instrumentation.  Smith’s portfolio of prior experience includes co-founder and executive management roles at 3dfx, Quantum3D and RADX Technologies, and executive and/or senior management roles at Bruker Nanosurfaces, Soft Machines, Inc., Personal Web Systems (now LeoNovus), Rapport, Inc., Media Vision, Pellucid, Silicon Graphics, MIPS Technologies, Tracor, Atlantic Research and Ford Aerospace.

In addition to his role at Jigsaw, Ross currently serves as Chairman and CEO of RADX Technologies, Inc. (RADX), another high-tech startup that is developing COTS Software Defined Synthetic Instrumentation for RF, microwave and communications systems test and measurement.

Prior to his roles at Jigsaw and RADX, Ross served as vice president and general manager of the Stylus and Optical Metrology (SOM) Division of Bruker Nanosurfaces. While at Bruker, Ross was responsible for fostering a number of important innovations and products in SOM that enabled the division to achieve new levels of profitability: DektakXT, the world’s highest resolution stylus profilometer; ContourGT, Bruker’s new generation of 64-bit interferometry based nanosurface optical profilers; and AcuityXR, the first optical microscopy method to break the diffraction limit to deliver unprecedented resolution in a non-atomic force or electron microscope. AcuityXR received an R&D 100 award in 2011.  Before his tenure at Bruker, Ross served as interim executive at various venture-backed fabless microprocessor, consumer electronics and software companies including Soft Machines, Inc. (SMI), Personal Web Systems (now LeoNovus) and Rapport, Inc.
Before his work in interim management, Ross served as president of Quantum3D, Inc., which he co-founded in 1997. At Quantum3D, Ross was responsible for a number of important innovations in open architecture, realtime visual computing including the first PC-based coin-op/arcade systems (still in use today), the first PC-based Image Generator for flight, driving, marine and military visual and sensor simulation and training applications (AAlchemy, Independence), the first GPU-equipped wearable/embedded computer (Thermite) and the first immersive, wearable soldier training system (ExpeditionDI).

Quantum3D was a spin-off from 3dfx, Inc., which Ross also co-founded in 1993 with Scott Sellers, Gary Tarolli and Gordie Campbell. 3dfx, famous for its Voodoo Graphics technology, was the market leader in PC-based 3D graphics for video games. At 3dfx, Ross VP of Sales and Marketing and was responsible for developing and executing the company’s innovative business model that connected the then-popular coin-op arcade market with the consumer via a common 3D graphics software and hardware platform.  3dfx went public in 1997, at which point Ross spun off Quantum3D.  3dfx’ assets were acquired by NVIDIA in 2001.

Before 3dfx, Ross held various management roles in sales, marketing and engineering at several Silicon Valley high-tech and aerospace companies including Media Vision, Pellucid, Silicon Graphics, MIPS Technologies, Tracor, Atlantic Research and Ford Aerospace dating back to 1983.
Ross is the recipient of numerous industry awards including the Frost & Sullivan Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation (2007), PC Gamer Top 100 Products of All Time (2009 for Voodoo Graphics – No. 2 PC Gamer Product of All Time) and AcuityXR (R&D-100 2011). Ross currently serves on the board of directors or advisory boards of Specom, Inc., Soft Machines, Inc., Alchemy Power, Inc., Bluestone Technology, Inc., Jigsaw Informatics, Inc., SVIRAL Technologies, Inc. and the Colors of Cambodia Art School in Siem Riep, Cambodia.

Ross received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin in 1983.

Tom Kais

tom_kaisTom has over 20 years of experience in high-tech finance and accounting in both publicly traded and privately held companies.  For the past 10 years, Tom has served as a senior finance executive in leading silicon valley companies involved in networking, semiconductor, wireless communications, visual computing, chicken wings and consumer electronics including Ruckus Wireless, Inc., Quantum3D, Inc.,  NextG Networks, Inc., Vertical Networks, Inc., and Philips.

Tom has been instrumental in helping the companies in which he served grow by raising capital (over $100M in series B through F) and in integrating finance and accounting functions into the business operations to achieve sustainable cost management and maximum profitability.  Tom is CPA and has a BA in Finance and an MBA from Santa Clara University.



 Joan Halapua Wood

Jigsaw VP Product Development, Co-Founder
Inventor of ZapVM

joanJoan Wood brings decades of creative and technology experience to Jigsaw across a wide range of platforms including video and sound engineering, film and TV production and post-production, PC game development, realtime 3D graphics, interactive 6DOF motion platform rides, technology journalism and publishing, and advanced Porsche tuning.

Prior to co-founding Jigsaw, Joan co-found several production and tech-related companies including SharkWerks, the internationally acclaimed builders of larger-displacement Porsche GT3 engines; Mango Grits, a broadcast TV and computer graphics studio and the developer of award-winning realtime 3D game “Barrage” (used by 3Dfx Interactive to introduce developers to hardware acceleration, by Intel to demonstrate the “Future of Visual Computing” and launch the Pentium II processor, and by Quantum3D to benchmark flight simulation hardware);, a computer and game technology review site; and Xatrix Entertainment, where she produced the hit PC-CDROM game, “Cyberia” (winner of several awards for technical innovation and visual and sound excellence) and pioneered full-body motion capture for games while producing and directing “Cyberia II: Resurrection” (named one of The Top 5 Underappreciated Cyberpunk Games by Gaming illustrated).

Joan has also worked with wearable PCs and multi-GPU visual-simulation image generators at Quantum3D, recently edited and co-produced the musical comedy feature film “The Genius of Beauty”, and founded a small company to import compact solar systems to the South Pacific island of Niuatoputapu.

In addition to studying film at UCLA and USC, Joan has been a featured speaker at game developer conferences and USC’s Cinematic Arts Interactive Media & Games Division. She also has several years’ experience in journalism, working as writer and managing editor for SharkyExtreme and contributing exclusive cover stories on future PC and graphics technologies to Computer Power User (CPU) Magazine where she created the monthly column “Forward Slash”.

Rob Ligeti
Director of Marketing Communication and Resident Pixel Pusher

robRob joined Jigsaw in January of 2013 as the Director of Marketing Communications. He is responsible for the marketing, communication and business development in addition to strategic business development efforts. He directs branding, advertising and website development as well as UI and UX development.

Rob is a seasoned marketeer and graphic designer with nearly two decades of hands-on experience in high tech, startups, visual simulation and training, financial services, video games and real estate. Rob has expertise in branding, re-branding, writing, corporate identity and logo development, website design, and UX/UI design.

Rob has worked as both employee and contractor in various marketing capacities for many Silicon Valley, national and international companies including but not limited to 3Dfx Interactive, Abandon Mobile, Alain Pinel Realtors, ASM Pacific, Atcor, Chips and Technologies, Consolidated Freightways, Emory Worldwide, Exponential Technologies, Gemini Technology Corporation, Ion Implant Services, Magellan GPS, Metricom, Multigen / Paradigm, Nichimen Graphics, Quantum3D, Rent.Net, Ricoh, Silicon Graphics, Slip.Net, Techfarm / Techfarm Ventures, Techfund Capital, Wireless Online and others.

Rob attended University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA; where he received a Bachelors Degree with a double major in Communications and Graphic Design in 1994.

Cristina B. Matthews
Director of Finance

cristinaAs Director of Finance, Cristina Brandao Matthews brings 20 years of finance related experience and 10+ years in finance and accounting related management experience to Jigsaw.  With demonstrated success both in startups and public companies that include consumer products and electronics, video games, aerospace and defense, visual computing, apparel, Cristina provides Jigsaw with a seasoned, steady hand for accounting and finance management, modeling & analysis, reporting, budgeting, forecasting, cost accounting, and cash management.

Concurrent with her role at Jigsaw, Cristina is also Director of Finance for RADX Technologies, another technology start-up developing advanced DSP, Software Defined and Cognitive Radio technologies and high performance COTS products (hardware, software and IP cores) including Software Defined Synthetic Instrumentation for broadcast, wireless communications, aerospace & defense and consumer electronics markets.

Prior to her roles at Jigsaw and RADX, Cristina served as Controller for Grupo José Alves Holding Company in Goiania, Brazil (consumer products), Sr. Manger FP&A for L-3 Communications Integrated Systems in Rockwall, TX (aerospace & defense),  Director of Finance at Quantum3D in San Jose, CA (visual computing, aerospace & defense), Controller at UltraCade Technologies in San Jose, CA (video games, consumer electronics), AR Coordinator at Financial Engines in Sunnyvale, CA and Finance Manager at Eluzai in Goiania, Brazil (apparel).

Cristina received her MBA from San Jose State University in 2004 and an advanced degree in Law and Contracts from Universidade Catolica de Goias in 1999.

Jen Wood
Marketing Manager

jenWith her background as an educator in English language and literature (BA from Notre Dame), combined with an MBA in Marketing and MIS (University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management) and a strong passion for both technology and language, Jennifer Wood (Jen) has a unique role as Marketing Manager and Governess of the Company’s social networks and the ZapVM website.  And as a loyal fan of both the Fightin’ Irish and the Wildcats, Jen is well suited to antagonize Ross whenever Stanford football, basketball or baseball misses a beat.

With Jen’s background and writing skills, she is the ideal person to develop and foster the Jigsaw Company and ZapVM narrative by managing and contributing to the content on, which hosts Zap Links and share pages for ZapVM user generated content, as well as the content on the ZapVM Blog and the “How to Zap” and “What is Zap?” sections.  Jen is also responsible for managing Jigsaw’s social media sites and the content that’s on them.

Additionally, with her recent MBA and prior experience in B2B, B2C and charitable organizations, Jen contributes fresh marketing and business insights to the continuing development of the ZapVM business strategies and tactics for Jigsaw Apps and accessories.

Jigsaw is Jen’s first taste of the Silicon Valley start-up culture– as a native New Englander and ZapVM’s resident Android user, she brings the Ying to Jigsaw’s Yang.


Deepa Mulabagal
Quality Assurance Specialist

DEEPAAs a quality assurance specialist Deepa oversees Quality assurance of Jigsaw products, she is experienced in qualifying and analyzing application software. She is responsible for finding issues with the software before it is released and managing quality assurance activities on a day to day basis.  In her free time she likes to Travel and do painting.

Deepa received her masters degree with dual major in Information Technology and Human resources from Dhruva college of management, India.




Mr. Chompers
Jigsaw Accounts Receivables Specialist and Credit Analyst Emeritus

chomperMr. Chompers has 12 years of experience in managing accounts receivable and analyzing accounts for credit worthiness.  Mr. Chompers is well known in the downtown Palo Alto community for his keen insights into the depth of customer’s epidermal layers and knowing exactly where to apply pressure to collect debts in a timely fashion.





Franck De Girolami – ZapVM Software Architect (Contractor)
Co-Founder of Code Particle, Inc.

franckFranck De Girolami is the software architect for ZapVM.  Franck is a co-founder of Code Particle, Inc., Jigsaw Informatics’ software development partner.  Franck, along with his partners and co-founders, Nicola Marzolla and Pierre Schiro, and the team at Code Particle (, are responsible for implementing the ZapVM iOS app and the cloud based back end that powers and the Zap Link technology— under contract and direction from Jigsaw.

Franck has over 20 years of high performance software application development experience, including extensive work in video games for PC, console, LBE and mobile platforms.  As software architect and lead programmer, Franck is directly responsible for a number of groundbreaking video games including Alone in the Dark I & II, Cyberia, Tron 2.0: Killer App, Desperate Housewives and more. Franck co-founded Code Particle, Inc. in 2008, with Schiro and Marzolla as an advanced web and mobile application development studio in Venice, CA.  To date, Code Particle has been responsible for several successful iPhone applications with sophisticated cloud back-ends including Viddy, the video social network application. Franck was also directly responsible for managing and implementing numerous advanced projects at Code Particle such as the Tag your Green project for GE Ecomagination, the Call of Duty Elite website for Activision and the Honda CRZ Arcade Game featured at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

Franck received his MS in Computer Science from National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Lyon, France, one of the top French engineering universities, in 1993.

“Joan and I have known Franck, Pierre and Nicola for a long time– from our prior adventures in video games,” said Ross Q. Smith, Jigsaw CEO.  “ZapVM is a realtime, GPU-based visual messaging system, so we needed a software team that could develop a high performance, graphics and video-intensive, realtime app for mobile devices with a scalable back end.  Basically, we needed a very good mobile video game team, which is hard to come by these days in Silicon Valley.  Since Code Particle happened to the team we needed on staff, partnering up with them was very natural, logical and efficient.  It meant that Jigsaw could hit the ground running with a solid team and focus our efforts on the product, as opposed to recruiting and HR, and Code Particle got to apply their software skills to an extremely useful, but fun (and challenging) mobile app.  We could not have created ZapVM without Code Particle.”

Cody Codestar
Early Warning System, Director of Naps, and Goodwill Ambassador

codyCody is the most energetic member of the Jigsaw team, and his instincts and intuitions have proven top notch. His ability to detect intruders and warn his co-workers are uncanny. He has already scoped out the best sunny spots in the office and is always available to cheer up another team member with a wet kiss, a wagging tail and a quick game of indoor fetch at jigsaw’s intergalactic headquarters. He’s also been know to steal a sandwich now and again.




Taylor Thomas
Finance Specialist

taylorTaylor was one of Jigsaw’s first summer interns while he was studying at Texas A&M. He has since completed his BBA in Finance and joined the Jigsaw team full time. Taylor is currently responsible for many of the day to day accounting and finance-related tasks.

In addition to his role at Jigsaw, Taylor also provides support to the finance team at RADX Technologies, another California-based technology startup.




Peter Pressesky
Mechanical & Industrial Design Guru

peterPeter Pressesky is Jigsaw’s resident mechanical and Industrial Design guru. He manages Computer Aided Design (CAD) resources, designs parts, assemblies and fabrication drawings and consumes a lot of coffee. He studied manufacturing technology and mechanical design at De Anza College and currently studies Industrial Design at San Jose State University. Peter has been using CAD systems since 2010 and his prior experience is in creating enclosure design solutions for the disk drive industry. In his free time, Peter enjoys hiking, photography, cooking, making ceramic artwork and killing zombies.




Hank Semenec
Senior Engineer

hank20+ plus years in graphics hardware industry. Experience as Staff  Applications Engineer at Cirrus Logic, Application Engineering Manager at 3DFX, Principal Hardware Engineer at Quantum3D.






Matt Yundt
Software Engineer

mattMatt joined Jigsaw in June of 2014 while attending his final year at Santa Clara University. He has since graduated with a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and is now a full time member of the team.  As a software engineer Matt is involved with the development and release of Jigsaw’s many mobile apps.





Bluestone Technology

blueston-LogoBluestone’s main responsibility is to enable its customers to stay focused on their business while Bluestone works out the customer’s IT-engineering issues in a visionary but pragmatic way – always focused on the customer’s target.

Developing custom software solutions is a matter of understanding the customers business, the intention behind the customers requirements and the overall idea of the product realization. Therefore, Bluestone offers highly skilled professionals which will help you in the very early phase of your solution and throughout the complete development process.

Since Bluestone always approaches new challenges pragmatically instead of ideologically, Bluestone provides deep knowledge and experience in various and heterogeneous technologies. Bluestone skills include:

  • Assembler, C, C++, C#, Java
  • Linux, Windows, MacOS, PikeOS, LynxOS, VxWorks, uCLinux, FreeRTOS, AIX, z/OS
  • UML, SysML, XML
  • PPC, IA32, IA64, MIPS, ARM7, ARM9, 64k, C167, ATMega, FPGA, Xilinx Virtex 4 & 5