Jigsaw Contact Details

Support Contact

For support inquiries, send email to support@jigsaw.info. Be sure to include the product about which you are inquiring in the subject line. Also, check out the FAQs and examples for each product.

Business & Organization Contacts

Interested in licensing Jigsaw ZAP (Zoom and Point), or other technology or exploring how our apps can help your business or organization (including non-profits). Send email to info@jigsaw.info or call us (Jigsaw) at +1 (408) 969-0221.

Where is Jigsaw?

For a long time, our exact whereabouts were a closely guarded secret, shrouded in legend and mystery. Since then, we have shed our cloak of secrecy and can be reached by conventional means below.

Intergalactic Headquarters

Jigsaw Informatics
2068 Walsh, Suite B1
Santa Clara 95050
General Phone Number:+1 (408) 969-0221
General Fax Number: +1 (650) 362-1644

Send official correspondence, bags of money, checks, etc. to:

Jigsaw Informatics
555 Bryant Ave. #349
Palo Alto, CA 94301