About Jigsaw Informatics

Jigsaw Informatics (Jigsaw) is a well-seasoned, fun-loving, hard-working group of Silicon Valley startup veterans.

We develop mobile device software applications, infrastructure and accessories that enable consumers and businesses to employ mobile and other smart devices to easily create, annotate, edit, manage, store, archive and share rich, interactive multimedia messages and other datasets that uniquely and concisely document important information, events, people and objects.

We also have great fondness for red dogs, strong coffee, squids (and other mollusks), and general tomfoolery.

Jigsaw Products


Easy-to-use App for creating and sharing personalized image-based Zoom and Point™ (ZAP) video messages…

Adding text to photo based messages can be frustrating. Giving them context can result in endless autocorrect fails and time invested in typing. With Pingz™, you can share images as if you were there in person, with your voice. Simply select your photos, then Zoom And Point (ZAP) as you speak to your images, You can even add a music track from your device to compliment your message. In just a few moments you have easily created and shared a personalized ZAP video message.

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Advanced App for creating and sharing personalized image-based Zoom and Point™ (ZAP) video messages…

Change how you communicate with ZapVM! Create powerful video messages by combining your voice and pictures to communicate your most important ideas with clarity, context, and emotion.

Whether you’re communicating with your clients, kids, co-workers, or friends, a Zap Video Message will help you feature key details, tell your story with precision, and make a lasting impression. Just speak, swipe and zoom through your photos to create a compelling video message, up to three minutes* long.

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Easy-to-use Free app for creating and sharing personalized image-based Zoom and Point™ (ZAP) video messages 
for Real Estate Professionals…

Stop typing and start talking with REclarity, the first free video messaging app for real estate professionals! With REclarity, you can easily create powerful ZAP (Zoom And Point™) photo-based video messages that combine your voice and pictures to communicate your most important ideas with clarity, context, and a personal touch.

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Easy-to-use App for c
reating and linking online media via QR codes directly from a smart device…

With ConnectQR, easily Create QR or Aztec codes that link to your favorite website, URL or online media including your:

•Videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, etc.
•Business’ website, specials page or Yelp page
•Real Estate Listings
•Classified listings on Craigslist, eBay or Amazon
•Facebook page, website, online profile, LinkedIn page
•Map to an Open House or Function
•Blog posts on WordPress, Tumblr, G+, Blogspot, etc.
•Events, announcements, fundraisers
•Images on Picasa, Flickr, etc.
•Documents or media on Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, etc.
•and so much more

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Upcoming Events

See REclarity in action at the National Assoc. of Realtors Conference Booth #1553 – 13-16 NOV 2015

Stop by and register for a chance to win your OWN private labeled REclarity App for your brokerage or office!



Recent News

10 NOV 2015 – REclarity Press Release – Jigsaw Launches REclarity Private Label Program

09Sept2015 From Product Image to Product Video with ZAP-EB

eBay Sellers have a new and rather interesting tool at their disposal and it could put video front and center on the marketplace.

25Aug205 – Press Release: (PDF Download)

Jigsaw Launches ZAP-EB, the First Free Video Maker App for eBay Sellers

Jigsaw’s New ZAPEB App enables eBay Sellers to easily create and embed personalized, image-based Zoom and Point (ZAP) Listing Videos to enhance product sales.


Download ZIP file with Press Release and all embedded images

09AUG2015 – Easy way to communicate difficult information!


19AUG2015 – REclarity a fast, easy way to enrich marketing media Creating a slideshow is as simple as explaining what’s on each photo…

03Aug2015 – Press Release: (PDF Download)

Jigsaw Launches REclarity—the First Free Video Message Maker App for Real Estate Professionals

Jigsaw’s New REclarity App enables Real Estate Professionals to easily create and share personalized, image based Zoom and Point (ZAP) Video Messages that provide remarkably clear and precise communications with Clients, Colleagues and Contractors


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