What is ZapVM — what does it do?

ZapVM is a video message creation app that uses patent-pending technology to quickly and easily combine photos, touchscreen gestures, live pointers, voice and graphics in realtime to create and share compelling video messages with unprecedented clarity, specificity and even emotion. With ZapVM, users can deliver a message, give a short presentation or tell a story with the same clarity as though they were physically present with the listener or audience and simply swiping through their photo library and telling their story.

Is there a cost for ZapVM?

ZapVM is a free app with optional in-app purchases. The free version allows for the creation and sharing of 30-second Zap Videos, rendered in either low or medium quality, and each containing up to 10 photos. With the free version, users get up to 25 in-app projects. 

Users of the free version can upgrade to Zap Plus via a App Store in-app purchase for $4.99. Zap Plus allows creation and sharing of Zap Videos up to three minutes long that can be rendered in low, medium or high quality using up to 18 images. In addition, Zap Plus users get an unrestricted number of in-app projects. 

Users may also purchase the ability to remove the watermark from their Zap Videos. This in-app purchase is also $4.99 from the App Store.

How do I share a Zap Video?

  • Users can share or upload their rendered Zap Videos from the app via iMessage, email, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, AirDrop, and use the “open in app” feature to directly upload or share via Dropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Viddy and many other messaging, social, editing, and storage apps installed on their device which ingest video files.
  • Users may also save the Zap Video file to their photo library or “camera roll.” Once in the photo library, users can directly share or upload the Zap Video using iMessage, email, iCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or AirDrop.  

Who has access to my Zap Videos?

If the user employs direct sharing from their photo library or from the app itself (via email, text or direct upload to YouTube or Facebook, etc.), the user (and whatever app they choose) is in complete control of who has access to the video. 

Is ZapVM available on Android?

Currently, ZapVM is only available for iOS devices.

Are there advertisements within the app?

There are no ads in the app, period. 

Can I remove the “” watermark from my Zap Videos?

Yes. The in-app purchase to remove the watermark in available in the App Store