#CHYC The Story With Zap Video Messages JEA-NSPA 2014-2015 Contest

The #CHYC The Story With Zap Video Messages JEA-NSPA 2014 Contest is a great opportunity for all you U.S. journalism and yearbook students over thirteen (13) years of age to win up to $500 for you and $500 for your school publication ($1,000 total split 50/50). All you have to do is use ZapVM or Zap Lite to show us how Zap Videos can enhance your communications with your readers, subscribers, advisors and advertisers.  The Contest starts on Wednesday, 10SEP2014 and ends on Tuesday, 30JUN2015.  We’ll announce the prize winners on Monday, 13JUL2015.

Click here to download the official contest rules in PDF form


Submitting the email form below is required to enter the Contest.  If you’re over 18 (at the time of entry), by submitting this form you are certifying that you have reviewed the Official Contest Rules (link above) and that you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions stated therein.  If you’re under 18, by submitting this form you are certifying that you AND your parent(s) or guardian(s) have reviewed the Official Contest Rules (link above) and that you and they agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions stated therein.

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You must enter your address below for a chance to win the 40" LED HDTV at JEA-NSPA 2014

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About the #CHYC The Story JEA-NSPA 2014-2015 Contest

ZapVM™ and Zap Lite (www.getzap.com), by Jigsaw Informatics™ (www.jigsaw.info), enables you to use your iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) to rapidly make short, compelling videos that you can use to amplify, promote or pitch your articles, features, sections, columns and ads by combining your images, voice, annotations, emotion, context and immediacy into a Zap Video that you can share directly via email, text or social media or embed in your publication’s blog or webpage.  In addition to submitting Zap Videos to the contest, we also invite you to display them on your own social media channels using #ZapVM when you share.

For the Contest, once you’ve entered the contest and downloaded ZapVM or Zap Lite to your iOS 7 device, just create and submit one or more Zap Video(s) that enhances or promotes a printed or on-line article, column, editorial blog post, yearbook feature, yearbook section or ad that you’ve written (or plan to write) and promote it on social media, and/or your publication, school or other website.  Email us the Zap Video and, if available, send us the link(s) to the item(s) and where you promoted it.


Total For Student For School Publication
1st Prize $1,000 $500 $500
2nd Prize $500 $250 $250
3rd Prize $250 $125 $125

Other prizes: 1 per month — Based on Entries received, Jigsaw will award other minor prizes, including T-Shirts, etc., for noteworthy Entries that Jigsaw features on its website(s) and/or social media sites.

About the Email Entry Form for the Contest

By submitting the Email Entry Form, you:

  1. You certify that you are a legal resident of the United States of America and that you are at least 13 years old (i.e., you must have been born on or before 10SEP2001).
  2. You certify that, if you are under the age of 18, that your parent(s) or guardian(s) have granted you permission to enter the contest that they agree that you will submit proof of such permission if requested by Jigsaw.
  3. You (and your parent[s] and guardian[s] if you are under 18) agree to:
    1. Comply with the Official Contest Rules for with this Contest, located HERE, as described therein.
    2. Comply with the Jigsaw ZapVM End User License Agreement (EULA) & Terms of Use located HERE, including Section 5.4 regarding copyrights.
    3. Grant Jigsaw the non-exclusive perpetual right to use, keep, modify, and distribute Zap Videos that you submit to Jigsaw pursuant to this Contest or per the “Submit Zap” process in ZapVM, and/or derivatives thereof, for Jigsaw’s own purposes, and to represent that you are authorized to do so.
    4. Submit your Zap Videos for this Contest via email to jeanspacontest1@jigsaw.info from the email address that you registered with “#CHYC The Story” in the subject line of the email. OR from Zap Lite, you can use the “Share with Jigsaw” button.

IMPORTANT:  Your name and email address (and your parent or guardian’s name and email address if you are under 18), along with your agreement (and your parent or guardian’s agreement if you are under 18) and the CAPTCHA code are REQUIRED fields that must be submitted to complete your Entry. Please note that your name and email (and your parent or guardian’s name and email) must be accurate as they will be the sole means by which Jigsaw will contact you about the Contest results.  Also note that Zap Videos for the Contest must be submitted from your email address registered below and must include the word “CHYC The Story” in the subject line of the email.  Also note that if your Entry is selected by Jigsaw to win a Contest Prize or if your Zap Video is featured by Jigsaw, you will need to provide your address so that your Contest Prize and ZapVM T-Shirt may be mailed to you.