Kids Not “Remembering” Chores? Try Video Messaging with ZapVM

With all the available ways to communicate, sometimes the message still doesn’t get through to our kids. ESPECIALLY when it comes to chores.  Am I right?

One concept that bugs the heck out of me and doesn’t seem to be getting through to my family (apparently I’m not alone)is the common sense idea that if you use the last bit of toilet paper –put a new roll in the bathroom!

I’m not even asking for the advanced course which would be to replace it on the actual toilet paper holder. Just anywhere in the bathroom so the next person isn’t left high and dry (or not as the case may be). :)

So I took the opportunity to create a little visual message for my kids using ZapVM via this campaign for Volunteer Spot. I’m hoping the humor and new format will somehow make it through to those tween brain waves.